bug fix?: 2.2.7a, printing/printing.c, print_queue_resume()

Peter Hurley phurley at imaginexd.com
Sat Feb 15 19:13:06 GMT 2003

With W2k workstation and Samba print server running LPRng:
After resuming a paused print queue by right-mouse clicking on printer
in Printers explorer window (via Control Panel/Printers or Start
Menu/Settings/Printers), the printer status is not updated.  (also, in
the print queue window, Printer/Pause Printing menu option when paused).

This is because the status returned via RPNCNEX rpc is stale.

I believe this is due to a bug in print_queue_resume()
(printing/printing.c, line# 1408).
        if (print_cache_expired(snum)) print_queue_update(snum);

Instead, shouldn't the print cache get flushed after a queue resume

This is what's done in print_queue_pause().

I'm not sure if a similar condition exists for print_queue_purge().  I
was going to go check that out next.


Peter Hurley
phurley at imaginexd.com

PS - Did anyone see my *2nd* posting about the WINS server not replying
to packets from  It's not showing up in the archives, and I
posted it on 14 Feb around 5pm EST.

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