Winbindd limited by select

Michael Steffens michael.steffens at
Sat Feb 15 16:45:46 GMT 2003

Ken Cross wrote:
> I was suggesting the other way around -- the number of winbindd fd's
> shouldn't be more than the max # of smbd's (well, maybe a *few* more).

But if you are having a system hard limit of 1024 FDs per process,
for example, which you can't raise via setrlimit, you could only
configure less than that number of smbds.

Coupling these numbers does not make sense IMHO for another reason:
Every process can become a winbind client, even without knowing
about winbind or Samba, via NSS and PAM. How to take these into

I think winbindd shutting down idle connections (not immediately,
there may further requests come along quickly, and never if
a connection carries a getpwent/getgrent status) is less trouble.


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