3.0a21: "net ads lookup" for a child domain got messy output

Anthony Liguori aliguor at us.ibm.com
Thu Feb 13 16:55:50 GMT 2003

The net ads lookup command is making use of a newly discovered protocol
(MS-CLDAP) that we really don't understand very well (especially in when
dealing with more complex trees).

What would be most helpful is if you could provide a network trace of the
CLDAP traffic to see what kind of responses the servers are returning.  If
you'd like, you can send it directly to me instead of the list (if you need
help getting the trace, let me know and I can help you off the list).

Thanks for your help,

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I am using W2k DNS server.  I got a parent domain zhou.com, and a child
domain peony.zhou.com.  "net ads lookup" for realm zhou.com returns useful
information, but for the child realm returns:

Version: 0x17
GUID: a17c736a-6521-4d26-9905-769921be0796
Flags:   0x179
Domain: zhou.com
Server Name: ony?feifei"PEONY
Flatname: :hou.com
Server Name2: (null)
DNS Name: e2:zhou.com

I think that the "Domain" should be "peony.zhou.com", the "Server Name"
should be "feifei.peony.zhou.com" or "feifei.peony" and the "Flatname"
should be PEONY.  I am not sure what the output of "DNS Name" means.

I am wondering whether this is already fixed in HEAD.  If so, can somebody
point me to the related files I should look at, because I have all kinds of

build errors on HEAD that I can't verify it.

Thanks a lot!


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