Winbindd limited by select

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Feb 12 23:56:04 GMT 2003

On 12 Feb 2003, Michael Steffens <michael.steffens at> wrote:

> It's 60 by default after installation, but is tunable (with reboot).

Maybe hp should sell per-fd licences :-/

> The solution (and this should also work on other platforms) was to
> have winbindd housekeep its client connections by shutting down
> idle connections, and have clients reconnect when required:
> The threshold was chosen to be 100 active connections, which keeps
> winbindd well below 300 FDs. Below 140, actually, including network
> sockets and open database and log files.

I wonder how well it would work to have one winbindd process per n
clients, in addition to shutting down idle clients...

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