3.0a21: "net ads lookup" for a child domain got messy output

Chere Zhou qzhou at isilon.com
Wed Feb 12 23:37:59 GMT 2003

I am using W2k DNS server.  I got a parent domain zhou.com, and a child 
domain peony.zhou.com.  "net ads lookup" for realm zhou.com returns useful 
information, but for the child realm returns:

Version: 0x17
GUID: a17c736a-6521-4d26-9905-769921be0796
Flags:   0x179
Domain: zhou.com
Server Name: ony?feifei"PEONY
Flatname: :hou.com
Server Name2: (null)
DNS Name: e2:zhou.com

I think that the "Domain" should be "peony.zhou.com", the "Server Name" 
should be "feifei.peony.zhou.com" or "feifei.peony" and the "Flatname"  
should be PEONY.  I am not sure what the output of "DNS Name" means.

I am wondering whether this is already fixed in HEAD.  If so, can somebody 
point me to the related files I should look at, because I have all kinds of 
build errors on HEAD that I can't verify it.

Thanks a lot!


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