one more rpclient buglet

Ronan Waide waider at
Wed Feb 12 17:46:00 GMT 2003

Added a driver using:
  adddriver "Windows 4.0" "PR00002:NULL:NULL:NULL:NULL:NULL:NULL:NULL"

Now I get funny characters in the enumdrivers output:
[root at workst1 root]# rpcclient -U user%pass -c "enumdrivers 2" workst1 =

[Windows 4.0]
Printer Driver Info 2:
        Version: [0]
        Driver Name: [PR00002]
        Architecture: [Windows 4.0]
        Driver Path: [=1B%/1=80=8Ciso8859-15=02=1B,A0=1B(B`]
        Datafile: [t]
        Configfile: [=1B%/1=80=90iso8859-15=02=1B,A7Pa=7F=3F=1B(B]

  adddriver "Windows NT x86" "PR00002:NULL:NULL:NULL:NULL:NULL:NULL:NULL"

fails, but I'm not yet sure why.

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