Winbind cache time

Ken Cross kcross at
Wed Feb 12 15:01:38 GMT 2003


A request for clarification:  the "winbind cache time" parameter in 3.0
is used to determine how often the cache should be checked for a refresh
(actually, checks the sequence number).

For some reason, this is multiplied by 8 in refresh_sequence_number() in
winbindd_cache.c.  As far as I can tell, this is the only place winbind
cache time is used.

It's a little confusing explaining to users that "the system will check
for changes to the user accounts every (8 * winbind cache time)

Is there a reason we shouldn't set the default to something reasonable
(120? 300?), use the real value in refresh_sequence_number(), and
document it?  

Ken Cross
Network Storage Solutions

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