winbindd losing trust relationship once in a while (Samba 3.0)

Ken Cross kcross at
Wed Feb 12 11:49:13 GMT 2003

That patch (or the one that Tim is submitting) should fix it.  Without
it, the wbinfo -m action clears the trusted domain list, but it get
restored within 5 minutes.

Note that the patch is to the cvs version -- it may need tweaking for
a20 or a21.


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On Wed, Feb 12, 2003 at 10:47:38AM +0200, Nir Soffer wrote:

> Scenario: Fresh compile of Samba 3.0, both a20 and a21. Attempt to use

> attached smb.conf.
> EXANET-QA is a part of the EXANET-IL domain (e.g - EXANET-IL is the 
> parent domain). EXANET-QA is supposedly set in compatibility mode.
> Under certain combinations winbindd seems to be losing it's capability

> to contact the parent DC.
> Samba 3.0a20 works, spordically, unless you do some things (wbinfo -m,

> see below). Samba 3.0a21 doesn't work at all for me.
> Attached are level 10 logs.

I wonder whether the trusted domains patch that went by today fixes this
as well?  Would you mind trying it?


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