"background updates of print queues via a dedicated process"

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Wed Feb 12 06:23:10 GMT 2003

On 11 Feb 2003, "Gerald (Jerry) Carter" <jerry at samba.org> wrote:

> > It seemed like it would involve a separate smbd process repeatedly
> > parsing the output of lpq and feeding it into a database, rather than
> > this being done on-demand from a regular smbd child.  I suppose when
> > some change is noticed it will have to send a message to prod other
> > smbds.
> or the child smbd can always assume that it is up to date (of course
> locking during an update makes sure that a smbd doesn't get a half done 
> queue listing).

I was thinking of the way smbd needs to notify waiting clients when
the print queue changes.  I guess the notification doesn't need to
happen straight away.

> > It might be good for there to also be a way for the spooler to notify
> > Samba when something has happened, so as to avoid polling.  
> CUPS might support this.  I dunno.  or it could be added to lpd of
> course.

Yes, this might be added to the hp lpd, for example.

Generating and parsing 50,000 lines of lpq output has got to be less
efficient than lpq just sending "job 585 complete" as appropriate.
This is kind of a second-stage task though.

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