Problem with "nt acl support" when saving Excel or Word Files

Jeff Mandel jeff.mandel at
Tue Feb 11 21:30:06 GMT 2003

I have seen this problem crop up recently with 2.2.7a and Win2k. Never 
saw this before win2k.
It looks the same as mentioned in the previous post. 

File starts out
rw-rw--- usera groupa

ends up
r--r---- userb groupb

umask is 022
Doesn't matter if there are extended ACLs, or inherited ACLs, etc.
Same client error also sometimes on windows:

"Document saved successfully. Cannot reopen the saved document due to low
memory. Please close the document."

I found this is office 2000 v 9.3821 SR1 (not the latest)
We are trying to load the latest office update to see if that fixes it first. 
Is anybody experiencing this with samba later than 9.4402 SR1 or on the latest version, whatever that is?

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