Samba 3.0: vfs_netatalk.c

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Tue Feb 11 20:52:57 GMT 2003

Paul Green wrote:
> Anthony Liguori [mailto:aliguor at] wrote:
> > 
> > scandir() (and it's [alpha|version]sort() brethren) is a BSD/Linux-ism 
> > and therefore isn't very portable.  Since this is in a VFS module (and
> > therefore only optional) I guess this is ok.
> then Herb Lewis [mailto:herb at] found this info:
> > IRIX: scandir, scandir64, alphasort, alphasort64
> > BSD: scandir, alphasort
> I just checked and neither scandir* nor alphasort* are in POSIX-1996 or
> POSIX-2001.  I'm not trying to build vfs_netatalk here on VOS, but if I 
> was, it looks like I'd be writing some code first. I don't consider 
> these functions portable either.  My vote is for sticking with functions
> in POSIX if at all possible.
> PG

I have not been following this thread closely, but it occurs to me that we
have tools that would make this easy to implement by hand.  If I
understand the docs, the goal is to create an array of pointers to
directory entry structures (the latter allocated via malloc()).

One catch is that there is a difference between BSD and System V
implementations, but that's something that should be handle-able with
./configure.  It seems to me that in either case the data could be sorted
using the binary tree stuff or by qsort().  This should be fairly do-able.

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