Ignoring printer errors

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Mon Feb 10 21:15:08 GMT 2003

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> ...
>> I'll volunteer my time with an IPP->Windows error code mapping 
>> function...
> Unless you have an official table we can (legally) get a copy of, I 
> would suggest this method to find the 'correct' mapping:

Well, there is no "official" table for mapping from IPP codes to
Windows, however I think I have enough IPP experience to know what
all of the status codes mean... :)

> Win32 can print to IPP, as I understand it.  Therefore there must be

Well, barely.  Microsoft provides an IPP port monitor for outgoing
IPP requests and an IIS DLL for incoming requests (essentially a
CGI implementation...  sigh...)

If you print to an IPP server that (shudder!) wants to authenticate,
do encryption, or return an IPP error, the job fails.  I don't think
that there is any real mapping of IPP error codes, but I could be

> function that submits a print job, and gets back an error code.
> Submit print jobs by the name "ipp-error-x" where x is a number in
> the range of IPP errors.  Hack up CUPS to return that error, and
> print out what Win32 gives you as the error mapping.

It would be logical for Windows to provide an API for IPP and to
use it for submitting print jobs, etc.  Thus, no such API exists! :)

> In this case, we are interested in the Win32 errors (W_ERR), because 
> that is apparently what this function returns (but I'll let JRA
> comment on that).  (We normally operate on NTSTATUS codes, which are
> slightly different).

I'll see if I can put together a potential mapping tomorrow...

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