winreg operations

D Jemms d_jemms at
Mon Feb 10 11:34:38 GMT 2003

I have setup samba 3.0 with redhat 7.2 .
At the time of observing traces I came across
winreg.Surfing net for many hours gave me hardly any
information about winreg.
I got this >
winreg - Windows Registry 
Provides clients with a remote registry interface that
allows remote read,write,edit of registry entries on a
host. used by the NT program Regedt32 to edit another
host's registry remotely. 

samba implements  RPC for that mean samba
creates total registry on server (like windows)?
if yes,where is it kept ? if no, what operation does
winreg perform ? Can anyone give me some insight view
on winreg.
Help on this will be appriciated,


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