Winbind on HPUX 11, some small progress

Michael Steffens michael.steffens at
Fri Feb 7 07:14:31 GMT 2003

Esh, Andrew wrote:
> I thought I was told early on in this discussion that HP-UX doesn't like
> certain keywords in nsswitch.conf, and winbind is one of them. That being
> the case, isn't libnss_winbind.1 useless?

Discovered recently that this is no longer true for 11.00. Patch PHCO_26089
is resolving the conflict with libpam_unix.1, such that one can configure
third party NSS backends honestly, without any faking around. :)

There is no such fix available for 11.11 yet, but I have been told it's
on the way.

Don's workaround using the "-r" option of the passwd command, explicitly
specifying the NSS backend to be used, does work on 11.11, however.
So one could already configure winbind NSS cleanly, provided PAM unix
password management is not required for anything else than the passwd


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