machine names same as usernames -> problems... -- here's a"real world" NetBIOS clusterfsck ...

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at
Thu Feb 6 22:41:35 GMT 2003

Quoting Richard Sharpe <rsharpe at>:
> No, not really. The \$ in the name of the trust account is an MS thing.
> Samba requires a machine account be backed up on the server with an 
> account of that name. However, as far as I can see, we could remove that
> restriction, as we could keep all the needed info in the secrets file or
> another tdb.
> However, the issue likely boils down to NetBIOS names being registered
> when the user tries to log on.
> When a workstation boots, it registers its workstation name as a NetBIOS
> name. Indeed, it registers several types of NetBIOS names, including a
> <00> name, a <03> name and, if you have enabled sharing, a <20> name.
> When a user tries to log on, the workstation also tries to register that
> user's name as a NetBIOS name, with types of <00> and <03>. However,
> they clash with the already registered machine names. SOL.

You can tell how "rusty" I am on CIFS/NetBIOS.  I've been supporting almost 100%
UNIX networks (with NFS) for clost to 4 years now and it shows.

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