Error during interdomain trust setup in 3.0 and HEAD

Anton Voronin anton at
Thu Feb 6 07:15:26 GMT 2003

It seems that when I try to setup one-way non-transitive trust between W2K domain and Samba DOMAIN, Samba send some incorrect response, and W2K PDS domain manager displays message that incorrect parameter was specified.
There is nothing unusual in the log file, except that W2K is first trying to logon to Samba PDC as its W2K domain administrator, which is not authenticated by Samba and then is mapped to nobody account. But I think, that's OK because TNG behaves the same way.

If I run Samba TNG instead of 3.0 or HEAD, then setup domain trust from W2K domain to it, then replace TNG with 3.0 or HEAD again, I can easily verify trust on W2K PDC, and all works fine. But I can't setup it!

I believe this should be known issue for developers, because I heard the same from other people too. Is it possible to have some workaround except switching to TNG to setup the trust? Is it going to be fixed in near future?

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Anton Voronin
Intersvyaz JSC
+7 (3512) 655199

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