Trusted domains' users and Samba

Marc Kaplan MKaplan at
Wed Feb 5 19:22:56 GMT 2003

It should be connecting to the trusted domain by default. 

1. What does wbinfo --sequence show you?

2. What version of samba are you running?

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I have an environment containing two NT4 domains, eg. DOM1 and DOM2.
DOM1 and DOM2 are trusted. There's a machine running Debian Woody, on
which I installed Samba, and made it to be a member of an NT4 domain
(DOM1) using Samba-howtos. I configured Samba to use Winbind for looking
up user names.
I have to set up this Debian as all users from DOM1 and DOM2 are enabled
to use it. But my problem, that Winbind only sees the users from domain
the Samba is in (DOM1). How can I tell to Samba (or Winbind) to collect
all users from all trusted domains?



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