Solaris fcntl CPU/Lock update

Jeff Mandel jeff.mandel at
Wed Feb 5 05:34:28 GMT 2003

Thanks for the interesting comments. I will take some time to digest them.

Pierre Belanger wrote:

> Now I'm looking back at the truss with the libthread, all
> I can say besides that it looks "ugly" , I wish I'd know
> how to print what's in each memory location to figure out
> if the program is doing it the right way.

I'd definitely like to pin that down. Just tonight I loaded the latest 
libthread patch.

> The last 2 choices... open a ticket with Sun? or link
> with OpenLDAP to see if you still have the same problem.
> If the problem is gone once Samba is linked with
> OpenLDAP, I'd say then that it's a libthread "usleep"
> bug!

I have had a ticket open with sun for some time and we have come up 
empty handed so far.
A reminder for those who missed it, I did *not* compile samba with ldap.

I am using padl's nss_ldap (203), and that was compiled against the 
iPlanet ldap sdk 5. The system is a two processor 280R, dedicated to 
about 15 users. In addition to samba, it runs oracle, baan, apache and 
iPlanet mail for those same 15 people.

I've got this same setup (solaris 8, samba 2.2.7a, nss_ldap 203) running 
on an Ultra 450, with much heavier use, 250 users and none of these 
problems. It's an older kernel - 108528-14) Other than the processors 
being UltraSparc II, instead of III, I'm having a hard time finding any 
differences that would cause this to occur.


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