[Samba] deleting symlinks only

Herb Lewis herb at sgi.com
Tue Feb 4 16:01:00 GMT 2003

The problem is not in teaching samba anything. When you delete a
directory in windows explorer it doesn't just send a command to 
delete the directory. It recurses down the directory and first
sends commands to delete each individual file and then sends a 
command to delete the directory. Samba has no way of knowing when
it starts getting these delete commands that the user is trying
to delete the upper directory until all the files have already
been deleted.

Antonio Nikolic wrote:
> So: Is there not a way, to teach samba (maybe in a future-release) to
> first check on recieving a deletion request whether or not a directory
> possibly is a link and delete the link only? One could introduce an
> per-share-option which allows to switch on this feature. I doubt this
> could be that hard to realize, is it?

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