A Union of two directories

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at metzemix.de
Tue Feb 4 09:14:58 GMT 2003

At 01:29 04.02.2003 +1100, Arthur Barrett wrote:
>Hi All!
>I am new to Samba and this group and I have a question...
>My company wants to make a "custom" version of Samba which is capable of
>creating a "share" which is actually a union of two directories.
>ie: instead of the share "\\samba\arthur" being /home/arthur,
>we want the share "\\samba\arthur" to be the union of the two directories
>/home/common and /home/arthur
>Why?  It's all to do with version control and limitations in other software.
>The idea is to create a "reserved checkout" in a single directory.  ie: all
>the "read only" code is in /home/common and the "checked out" code is in
>/home/arthur", but the silly end product software wants all the files in 1
>directory (\\samba\arthur).  Oh woe is me!
>So my question is: which source code file is the one that actually opens
>files in the unix file system ?
>Additionally - is anyone else interested in the result ?

yep, it would be fine to have a readonly dir with the samba source tree
and for each machine I connect from a writeable dir where the *.o files and 
the binaries are stored.

so I can have one source tree and can compile it on different machines

and if I make changes to the source I didn't need to merge them each time 
to the dir
witch the other machine use.


Stefan "metze" Metzmacher <metze at metzemix.de> 

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