Moving a domain

Tom Alsberg alsbergt at
Sun Feb 2 13:52:20 GMT 2003

Hi there.
I've got a question - have not yet had the ability to try this.

When machines are switched, or servers moved from machines to
machines, the common solution is CNAME aliases of a symbolic name
(e.g. mail, www, ftp) to the actual machine, and having clients
specific to that service to use the symbolic name - this way when the
machine is switched, or server moved to another machine, the alias is
changed to the new machine's name, and users should be able to
continue using it normally (if the clients are configured properly).

I am trying this thing with Samba now.  We had a Samba domain
controller on a machine that will not run it anymore.  Previously
users where accessing CIFS shares on the machine by its name, and the
domain name was prefixed with the machine's name (e.g. DEV - DEVIL,

Now this is a little mess when moving to a different server.  I
decided to try out the common way, and gave a CNAME alias cifserver to
the new machine, and running nmbd on it with the -n flag (-n
CIFSERVER) to use that NetBIOS name as well (the domain name is now

The question is - if any of you had experience, or theoretical facts
and ideas of - would this work?  For users who only use it as a file
and print server, it most probably would.  But as a domain controller
- the clients remember a few things, and the server remembers a few

The SID and secrets files should probably be copied...  But then,
should clients who are already in the domain be able to continue using
it, without leaving and re-joining it?

  Thanks, any comments appreciated,
  -- Tom

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