Samba 3.0.1 - Wrong behavior

Leandro Ariel Gomez Chavarria lgomez at
Tue Dec 23 14:40:57 GMT 2003

correction: on 2nd issue option "admin user" actually works, besides with =
smbstatus I don=92t see the connection made by root if I create a file =
using this share, with a user who belongs to the =93domain admins=94 =
group, the owner of that file is root.

>>> "Leandro Ariel Gomez Chavarria" <lgomez at> 12/22/03 =
08:00pm >>>

I=92ve been working with samba 2.2.8 and now I=92m trying to upgrade to =
3.0.1 but wile I was testing the new version I found a couple of things =
that doesn=92t work as I expect. I need the 3.x version because =93idmap =
backend =3D ldap=94 option.

I authenticate users against AD using winbind.

Here we are

1.- It doesn=92t display quota correctly from windows machine:
	With 2.2.8 I mount home directories and if I look the network disk =
properties I can see the size of the disk as the amount of user=92s quota =
in that file system. Now, 3.0.1 shows me the size of the entire file =
system, although (of course) quotas work fine.

2.- Not able to modify ACL=92s from windows:
	With 2.2.8 I use =93admin user =3D @=94domain admins=94=94 shares =
option in smb.conf to indicate a group who connect the share as root, =
(when I look in the smbstatus, I see root in place the real user), and =
because of that; this group is able to modify acl=92s entries. Now this =
option doesn=92t work anymore, moreover I need to use =93smbstatus =
=96d0=94 if I don=92t want to see debug info.

3.- I can=92t even see acl=92s entries from windows:
	If  I set an acl entry using setfacl it doesn=92t appear when I =
look in file/dir properties -> security from the windows machine, I just =
can see unix permissions.

I=92m using: RH9, ext3 + acls + quotas, Samba 3.0.1, Windows XP & Windows =

best wishes, Leandro.-

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