[PATCH] add pread operation to vfs layer

Cole, Timothy D. t.cole at ngc.com
Wed Dec 17 17:14:49 GMT 2003

I wrote:
> Depending on the invariants expected by the VFS layer, it may 
> also be possible to short-circuit the seek when fsp->pos == pos.

Well, only if pread/pwrite can never start returning ENOSYS in the middle of
the lifetime of a files_struct.  

Otherwise, read/write on an fsp after a pread/write absolutely requires an
intervening seek.

I suppose in that case we could add a files_struct flag to indicate whether
the last real read/write on the fsp used pread/pwrite or not.  But
short-circuiting the seek is only icing anyway, not an integral part of my

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