vfs audit

Bruno Lopes de Souza Benchimol brunobenchimol at bno.com.br
Tue Dec 16 15:31:51 GMT 2003

People, so far i got samba logging those informations ...

Dec 12 12:57:31 master smbd_audit[29445]: User: misty Uid: 1000 Addr:
137569368 unlink Novo(a) Documento de texto.txt

and the code from vfs audit is:

        syslog(audit_syslog_priority(handle), "User: %s Uid: %d Addr: %d
unlink %s %s%s\n",
               conn->user, conn->uid, conn->client_address,
               (result < 0) ? "failed: " : "",
               (result < 0) ? strerror(errno) : "");

now i am missing, share name (conn->service didnt work good :/), i also need
netbios which i couldnt found and the client ip address.

i though it show my ip but.. Addr: 137569368  aint nothing for me, is there
any function or i which calcs i need to over this number to return my real
address. i've found this line thru the code but it didnt work so good...

safe_strcpy(client_ip, conn->client_address, CLIENT_IP_SIZE -1);
mainly because in vfs audit there is no client ip size defined :(

well any help will be grateful appreciated ..

thanks in advance,

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