"valid users = %S" not working ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Fri Dec 12 09:10:23 GMT 2003

Greetings ...

> |> Are you running winbindd ?  If you are the username is actually
> |> DOMAIN\user which won't match.   You would need to do
> |> something like 'valid users = %D+%S'.
> |
> |     Well spotted, but if the share is been created with just
> | what us humans she as the username, why can't we have the
> | "valid users" options expect the same thing ... other wise if
> | I was running multiple auths, then I would have a problem
> | with usernames without a domain.
> You can always do 'valid users = %D+%S, %S' if you want. 

    Okay, that would fix my problem with multiple auth systems ... Thanks.

> The problem is that you are confusing Windows terminology
> with what winbindd is doing.    Technical DOMAIN+foo is the
> UNIX username.  The fact that the homes share for that user
> gets create without the DOMAIN prefix is an inconsistency. 

    I understand, think that maybe might be worth putting into the man 
or HowTo, if it is not already there somewhere ... I mean there is alot 
of information requarding Samba, all brillant, just lots to cover with 
differant terminology as you stated.

> |     This is get me by for now, but I think this might cause
> | problems later on.
> I feel pretty strongly about not changing this after all
> the 'winbind use default domain' pain I've suffered through
> lately.  The username will always have to be specified as
> DOMAIN+foo (using whatever separator character you wish of
> course). 

    I remember who much trouble that has give everybody, and I am sure 
will continue too, maybe another suggestion, is the testparm can return 
warning with this, and maybe points to look at docs and which chapters 
in the HowTo ...?


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