Bruno Lopes de Souza Benchimol brunobenchimol at bno.com.br
Fri Dec 12 04:24:40 GMT 2003

Im trying to rewrite audit module to suit my needs, at least now i've added
this part to the source just to test, but it aint giving me the syslogd
message i want.

it just show me an error msg on windows (im using windows xp atm) but it
deletes the file and nothing goes to syslog.

For the moment im just trying to put that onto syslog, later i will move it
to a file, but thats not now.

all i want is to show the netbios name user name and ip address on syslogd
of who did the action (delete/create/etc)

Here is my modified piece of code (still ugly but it needs to work first)


static int audit_unlink(vfs_handle_struct *handle, connection_struct *conn,
const char *path)

        int result;

        result = SMB_VFS_NEXT_UNLINK(handle, conn, path);

        syslog(audit_syslog_priority(handle), "User: %s - %s unlink %s
               conn->uid ,conn->client_address,
               (result < 0) ? "failed: " : "",
               (result < 0) ? strerror(errno) : "");
/*      syslog(audit_syslog_priority(handle), "unlink %s %s%s\n",
               (result < 0) ? "failed: " : "",
               (result < 0) ? strerror(errno) : "");
        return result;

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