BUG #281 / Only SIDs displayed on Win 2K

Raphael Berghmans raphael at arafox.com
Wed Dec 10 15:48:01 GMT 2003


> Unfortunately a trust between two Samba3/LDAP domains does not work 
> properly. 
> The trusted domain's groups are not visible in the trusting domain.
> "wbinfo -g" works fine, but "getent groups" does not show the groups from 
> the other domain. 
> I don't think it is a configuration error because it works fine with 
> trusted Windows domains as well as with trusted Samba 3 domains without 
> ldapsam.
> I know there is a bug #281 which is marked as fixed, but I think it is not 
> completely. 
> The error occurs on 3.0.0 (with the supplied patch in bugzilla) and on 
> 3.0.1rc1. 

Yesterday, I've posted a bug report for this problem


See you,


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