"valid users = %S" not working ...

leet at zeus.scania.co.za leet at zeus.scania.co.za
Tue Dec 9 13:33:01 GMT 2003

Greetings ...

 I hate to report problems, espically ones that I am sure have been fixed
... I download samba-3.0.1rc1-1 src rpm and rebuild on Fedora Core 1,
installed the rpm.  IF I have "valid users = %S" in my [homes] share, my
users can't login into their home shares.  Samba is setup up as a "Server
role: ROLE_DOMAIN_MEMBER" to a Win2K3 ADS server, if that makes a
differance. If I comment it out, users are able to login in fine to there
home shares.


P.S. Excellent works guys.

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