ANN: treeconv-0.1 -- in-place charset conversion of filenames

jltallon at jltallon at
Tue Dec 9 23:27:15 GMT 2003

I am proud to announce the availability of treeconv, a program designed
to do in-place charset conversion of filenames.

It was programmed in order to convert the files stored at a customer's
system from "cp850"( Samba 2.x ) to "utf8"( Samba 3.x ) charsets
when upgrading Samba at the fileservers.

Dependencies:   g++ ( both 2.95 and GCC 3.3.x are proved to work )
                glibc 2.1 or 2.3
                libjconv2 ( Runtime + headers )
                libpopt ( Runtime + headers )

It was developed and tested under Debian GNU/Linux.
A listing of the packages it was built against is included in the README

The source tarball is available at

Hope it is of some use.
Of course, all bugs are my fault ;)

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