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Tue Dec 9 05:21:36 GMT 2003

Okay, two things.

First (and I understand you may not realize this), it is really, really
tacky to send a .DOC file via e'mail.  These files are typically created
using proprietary software and stored in a proprietary format which the
software vendor (Microsoft) would really rather keep to themselves.  Most of
us here are running non-Microsoft OSes, and it is (at best) a pain to try
and read these things.  Plain text is your best option for almost all

Second, your question is a general user question.  Such questions are
perfectly reasonable, but they belong on the Samba at mailing list.
That list was set up to handle exactly this kind of question.

The Samba-Technical list is intended for developer discussions.  Things like
figuring out the meanings of various flag bits in an obscure RPC function
call carried over an SMB Trans2 call, or suchlike.

I understand you're new to this.  Please don't take my explanation as a
put-down.  It's not.  We just have to keep the traffic on the right lists.

Thank you for using Samba!

Good luck with your debugging.

Chris -)-----

"Dodgie V. Danosos" wrote:
> Greetings to all,
> I would to ask to someone or somebody who is willing to help this novice
> users of your SAMBA apps.
> My problem is that I can not  view any info from my MS windows
> explorer(98/200/XP) on my created shared folder on my REDHAT LINUX 9 with
> SAMBA 3.0.0-2 running to it ???
> Did I miss something ???
> Kindly refer to my attached config file on my samba....
> For your kind support and help.
> Yours truly,
> Mr. Novice Guy (Dodge)
>   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                          Name: smb.cnf.doc
>    smb.cnf.doc           Type: Microsoft Word Document (application/msword)
>                      Encoding: base64
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