Should Samba pass "DOMAIN\username" or just "username" to CUPS?

Jeremy Allison jra at
Mon Dec 8 22:29:56 GMT 2003

On Sun, Dec 07, 2003 at 03:54:52PM +0100, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
> In smb.conf the winbind separator is defined to be "\" (i.e.
>   "windbind separator = \"). Authentication against the ADS domain
> works for users as expected.
> It is CUPS 1.1.17 (and maybe later versions also) which seems to do
> some name mangling concerning the "\" character, resulting in one
> case in conversion to an underscore, and in the other in a stripping
> of the username part from the complete "DOMAIN\username" string.
> Mike argues that Samba shouldn't be passing the DOMAIN part at all,
> since "Windows IPP and LPD code sends the username without the domain"
> also.
> As this is quite an urgent problem to be solved as soon as possible:
> Please try to find a common (or Samba-only) fix for this (and let
> me/the list know about it).
> You can find our discussions on the "CUPS Software Trouble Report"
> website:

Ok, the issue here is that with winbindd running, the actual
UNIX user name is :


This should be a valid username for CUPS, as it is also a
valid username for UNIX. With winbindd not running then the
username may well be just "user" - but this doesn't look like
a Samba issue to me, it looks like an issue with CUPS mangling
valid UNIX usernames.


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