how to configure sambaNextRid ?

Raphaël Berghmans rberghmans at
Thu Dec 4 18:22:10 GMT 2003


In the LDAP directory I find this entry :

dn: sambaDomainName=DOMAIN.BE,o=domain,c=be
sambaDomainName: DOMAIN.BE
sambaSID: S-1-5-21-4233713302-3525667066-1156429822
sambaAlgorithmicRidBase: 1000
objectClass: sambaDomain

But I would like that samba use NextRid... in place of
AlgorithmicRidBase. Because there are already 1800 users in ldapsam and
when I try to add a new user sometimse occurs a collision with a
existing user and the new user is not created ?

How to setup sambaNextRid, sambaNextUserRid and sambaNextGroupRid ? And
what about the update of those attributes automatic or not ?

See you,


Raphaël Berghmans <rberghmans at>

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