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David G. Cheney dgc at rocketfiber.com
Wed Dec 3 20:56:06 GMT 2003

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I have intermittently been trolling the irc room on this topic, but had
not joined the technical list.

I'm looking to use samba client for remote queries of registry keys and
values on WinXP hosts. I'm currently using samba-tng for said queries,
but there does not seem to be XP support forthcoming in -tng and I am
assuming that the effort required to add these functions to samba-3 is
lesser than adding XP authentication to samba-tng.

I would appreciate any correction or alternative suggestion if you think
~ there's a better way to achieve this functionality.

In any case, my company is building a product which will require this
functionality. This means that we have a strong interest in getting
these features into samba in the near future. I would be delving into
implementing this stuff if I had just a little more time on my hands,
but I'm not sure I can get it.

Is anyone working actively on these functions?
I've noticed that rpc_client/cli_reg.c has not been touched for nearly a
Would someone be willing to implement these functions for a bounty?

Could someone point me to the proper documentation I would need to
understand how this code should be implemented? (something on the
necessary samba data structures would be nice, or a call structure).

Thank you,

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