crash bugs 809, 812, & 830

Torsten tkali at
Wed Dec 3 15:18:52 GMT 2003

Hello Jerry / everybody else.

I got some further with my research.

- If I use the "netbios-name" or the IP-address of the machine, printing 
gives some error-messages ("tdb-fetch failed"), but works fine.

- If I use the "netbios-alias" then samba panics.

I will dig some further and come back to you ... As I am using Solaris 8 
(sparc).. how can I get a backtrace ?

-- Torsten.

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Torsten Kalix wrote:
> | I have not yet had time to make a level 10 logfile for
> | analysis, but I may do this today / tomorrow. Unfortunately
> | I do not have time to reproduce the error on a test-environment.
> |
> | If I can help you with anything else, beside from the level-10
> | log and the smb.conf, please let me know.
> Is there a backtrace in the logs ?

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