Patch rpc samr "RemoveMemeberForeignDomain" on pre3

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue Dec 2 00:07:15 GMT 2003

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Jianliang Lu wrote:
> This patch will fix the wrong implementation of "RemoveMemeberForeignDomain" 
> rpc samr. For this call we should delete alias, not the user account.
> You can check this with usrmgr: try delete a user, you can see the rpc smar
> "RemoveMemeberForeignDomain" and "deleteuser" are sent to the server, if we
> delete the user account within "RemoveMemeberForeignDomain", then the later 
> "deleteuser" will got a "USER NOT FOUND" error code.
>>From the trace to Microsoft NT I have seen that the correct operation may be
> "delete alias" in front of a "RemoveMemeberForeignDomain", but I have not any 
> doc
> to confirm it.

I'll agree that we might be wrong here but I don't see the point of
"RemoveMemeberForeignDomain" duplicated the samr_del_aliasmem() call.
I think we need some more research here to see what we should do.

We have a policy handle for the domain and are given a user SID.
Would you mind sending me the traces you have? Thanks.

cheers, jerry
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