crash bugs 809, 812, & 830

Torsten Kalix torsten.kalix at
Mon Dec 1 12:06:12 GMT 2003

Hello Jerry!

I have got a similar problem to what is described in the bugs..... After 
  searching, I found that printing may be a problem.

-> When connecting / printing via Windows 2003 Server (english) things 
are fine.

-> When connecting / printing via Windows 2000 Pro (german) Samba 
crashes. It crashes if you either just print a file or if you just open 
the print spooler to view the print-queue. Samba seems to work fine 
after the crash, and the file is printed, too.

-> Sadly I do not have a  Windows 2000 Pro in english.

I have not yet had time to make a level 10 logfile for analysis, but I 
may do this today / tomorrow. Unfortunately I do not have time to 
reproduce the error on a test-environment.

If I can help you with anything else, beside from the level-10 log and 
the smb.conf, please let me know.



Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> In case anyone has some spare cycles to burn,
> Can someone with some non-english 2k clients take a look at these ?
> They might not be related to character sets but since I'm not seeing
> it here, and given at least one of the backtraces, these seems a good 
> place to start.  Thanks.
> cheers, jerry
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