NT status/error codes instead of DOS error codes - bug 3.0.0

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Mon Dec 1 01:07:54 GMT 2003

On Sun, Nov 30, 2003 at 01:12:40PM -0800, John Kleven wrote:
> K -- attached is trace of the problem from ethereal,
> plus a copy of logs in /var/log/samba.  I ran smbd
> with debug level 10.
> It is weird because if an error actually occurs during
> sending packets (i.e., bad password or invalid share,
> etc) then smbd WILL return a DOS error code.  But for
> succesful responses it always returns NT status code.
> BTW, it might be 'ok' for smbd to return an NT status
> code "success" to the negotiate protocol response
> because at that point, the client (my code) has not
> been able to even send the capabilities int yet.  But
> after the session setup w/ the capabilities, it should
> be illegal to return the NT status code - i think.

Success NT status codes are identical to DOS success
codes. Remember - success is eclass (16 bit) zero, ecode
(16 bit) zero.  NT status success is just (32 bit) zero
in the same field. Ah - I see. We're setting the NT status
codes bit on success return. I can easily fix this...


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