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Tue Dec 2 04:10:01 GMT 2003

cases, both using equivalently "published" interfaces?

Now if Sun (or equivalent manufacturer) were to do it, and want to
maintain their code private, I (though not a lawyer) see how that might
well (almost certainly?) breach GPL.  But I'm talking about _us_, the
Samba community, writing onto this alternative interface. 

I only see one reference to "kernel" in GPL (in section 3).  It isn't at
all clear to me how this is could affect a decision for us (the GPL Samba
community) to use an alternative, equivalently published, interface.  That
is, why "our" current userspace smbd written on man(2)+man(3) would be
fundamentally different (from GPL perspective) from loadable module
written on the man(9) interface.

Thanks again.  I look forward to enlightenment!


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