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Tue Dec 2 04:10:01 GMT 2003

When it comes to doing conversions between a client and a server, all the
approaches I've seen are trying to 'guess' if the file is binary or not,
should be converted or not. And yes, for various reasons, this doesn't

What about being more directive about the content of the shared directory?
If we can tell with good control which file is binary and which is not,
can the Samba server deal with the clients in their own CRLF language

My proposal would be something like this: 

Each shared directory would hold a .crlf/ directory, a bit like CVS/ in
CVS working copies, in which we would have some configuration to tell
which files are binaries and which are text. In the vast majority of
cases, pattern matching on the name would do the trick, and for some
files, we would explicitely set by name.

This is more or less how CVS or SVN are doing it ([4]). But in this case I
don't want version control. I just want to benefit from the ease of use of
mounted directories to manage my assets.

Ok, so hopefully you can tell me wether this is an important issue for
Samba, wether it is being worked on, how hard it would be to do etc.


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