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Tue Dec 2 04:10:01 GMT 2003

the protocols in.
Trying to stifle the Small Businesses from using Home Edition on their
networks trying reduce their costs I bet.
Personally I figure Smart Co's are going to say bite me and move to Linux.
Using software my users can do whatever their WinDoze
counterparts can with Word Excel printing and it just keeps getting simpler
to install and use Linux for the end user.
Also: Since the economy is taking a hit I would rather change my network
around than have to layoff abunch of people just to buy licenses.

> I haven't tried it myself, but from what I've heard they hide all the
> protocols and all you can select manually is TCP/IP and Client for
> Microsoft Networks.
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> Subject: Re: FUD or foolishness? Windows XP Home and Samba
> Is that your experience with the "simple file sharing"? Or does XP Home
> have another protocol that can be installed that works Okey-dokey with
> other Windows machines?
> I just can't believe that M$ would completely abandon compatibility
> with other Windows machines.  It's more likely (to me) that they
> renamed all the protocols (in an attempt at marketing cuteness) and
> there's something extra that you have to install now to make it work
> (that isn't obvious)

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