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Tue Dec 2 03:01:20 GMT 2003

drives that are on some windows computers of my Lan.
I have no problem mounting drives that are not password protected
using following command:
# smbmount "\\\\Net_Bios_Name\\Share" -c 'mount /mnt'
But when the drive is password protected, Linux complains that
there's an authentification problem. Here what I use to mount them:
# smbmount "\\\\Net_Bios_Name\\Share" -U <login_Name> -c 'mount /mnt'
I've tried the Login Name to access the share, with no success.
I've even tried the password to access that windows 95 share. Same
Is there a step I am missing..something like disabling "encrypted 
authentification" on the windows 95 PC and making sure it's using text

Thanks for help
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