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Tue Dec 2 03:01:20 GMT 2003

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> > Hmmm...  I don't know.  The Workgroup field would indicate a workgroup
> > within which to offer services.  The NT Domain login would be for
> > requesting services.  I have no idea if that is useful.
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> When I saw this I interpreted as this:
> Workgroup is the workgroup you operate in.
> Domain is to search the server for user autenthication if you want it.

Yes, but why authenticate with NTDoman FOO unless you are going to use
services available in NTDomain FOO?  If you operate in one workgroup and
authenticate in a separate NTDomain, then your authentication buys you

If you do peer-to-peer within a workgroup and also use services within 
the NTDomain, then I suppose this makes some sort of sense.  Still, it's 
a bit awkward.

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