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Tue Dec 2 03:01:20 GMT 2003

process with pstack, its cycling in fcntl calls.

cescc        jcline   sysadmin 21855   photoid  ( Mon Aug 20
15:45:03 2001
21855  DENY_NONE  RDWR       EXCLUSIVE        /export/cescc/DIEBOLD/DATA/DATA.DB
   Mon Aug 20 15:58:53 2001
21855  DENY_NONE  RDWR       EXCLUSIVE        /export/cescc/DIEBOLD/DATA/PDOXUSR
S.LCK   Mon Aug 20 15:59:54 2001
21855  DENY_NONE  RDWR       NONE             /export/cescc/DIEBOLD/PDOXUSRS.NET
   Mon Aug 20 15:45:35 2001

It appears that the code takes the following route:
   open_mode_check ---->
        request_oplock_break ---->
            oplock_break ---->
                 initial_break_processing ---->

file_find_dit is not finding the file as open.  This causes
initial_break_processing to immediately return NULL in turn causing
oplock_break to return True.  Because the share_entry isn't updated to
reflect the missing entry in the file table, the oplock break will fail.

A pfiles look at process 21855 reveals that the file in question is open
at this point.

  22: S_IFREG mode:0777 dev:29,128 ino:267932 uid:1048 gid:14 size:4096

As coded, once we're in this situtation, there isn't a way to get out of
it.  I can't yet diagnose if find_file_dit is responsible or another item,
but this scenario does lead to stuck locks.

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