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Tue Dec 2 03:01:20 GMT 2003

/* SAM_GROUP_INFO (0x2) */
typedef struct sam_group_info_info
	UNIHDR hdr_grp_name;
	DOM_GID gid;
	UNIHDR hdr_grp_desc;
	BUFHDR2 hdr_sec_desc;  /* security descriptor */
	uint8 reserved[48];

	UNISTR2 uni_grp_name;
	UNISTR2 uni_grp_desc;
	BUFFER4 buf_sec_desc;


/* SAM_GROUP_MEM_INFO (0x8) */
typedef struct sam_group_mem_info_info
	uint32 ptr_rids;
	uint32 ptr_attribs;
	uint32 num_members;
	uint8 unknown[16];

	uint32 num_members2;
	uint32 rids[MAX_GROUP_MEM];

	uint32 num_members3;
	uint32 attribs[MAX_GROUP_MEM];


So I was thinking of how to fit domain user and group information
for Samba doing a SAM synchronisation when it's a backup domain
controller.  I'm not quite sure how this will interact with the
Unix groups though.  For being a BDC all you need to be able to
do is authenticate a user and provide various SAM server calls
using information from this.


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