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Sat Aug 30 23:45:24 GMT 2003

On Sun, 2003-08-31 at 07:08, Ken Cross wrote:
> Samba-folk:
> It's very nice having libsmbclient built, but we're not really using it.  It
> can make a significant difference if the applications are linked to the
> shared library.  Typical examples are, before:

> It wasn't too hard to hack Makefile to build them with, but
> doing it in general would be trickier.  Looks like it might be worth it
> though, especially when (like me) you want to distribute updated binaries
> via the internet.

There are a number of very good reasons why we have not taken this
path.  Firstly, we generally consider the issue of shared-libraries to
be 'non core' - that is, we don't particularly care if they don't work
on every platform, because libsmbclient is the only thing affected.  
However, even where they are supported, we get into difficulties - we
must make it possible to link and run against such a library (and the
correct version of such a library) both from the build directory, and
from the install directory.  

And before you suggest libtool as the solution to all the worlds
problems, I suggest you real the archives ;-)

Finally, there is the simple issue that the interfaces you are using in
libsmbclient are not in any way versioned, or intended to be externally
accessed - they change every time somebody makes a change to samba, and
chasing down the bugreports because somebody is using a slightly old
libsmbclient with their smbd would be a nightmare!

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