3.0rc1 PDC .. howto ( problems authenticating ???? ) Help

troutb at abclabs.com troutb at abclabs.com
Wed Aug 27 23:30:08 GMT 2003

Well docs almost there ... looks real good but I can't get it to work

I got Openldap up and running and the mods made to it based on the 3.0 docs.

I ran a ldapsearch as descripted in the Openldap docs and it works.

When I make the modes to smb.conf ( according to the docs ) it can't access ldap.

Is there something missing from docs .... does samba required some kind of
authication for ldap

I tried all three options for ldap ssl and no luck.

So I Backed off to tdbsam.

Anyway ......

I was able to join the domain witb a nt 2000 client

I then tried to used my Analyst Mass Spec software from Applied Biosystems.

It search the network for domains and allow you to pick users or groups from those
domains to have access to the program.

The browsers did not work will I has a member of the SAMBA Domain.( it could not
list users or groups for then SAMBA DOM at all and the NT domain was slow to list ,
only the local SAM works 'normal' everytime)

, but when I was a member of the NT4 DOM I could select users and groups from the
SAMBA domain ( including NT DOM )

I selected the users from SAMBA domain ... then rejoined the SAMBA domain and logged
in as the user that I added to Anaylst.

it fail to authicate ( my guess is that when it is a member of the SAMBA domain )
its having a hard time determine the user and group and/or authication them

I joined an NT4 box to this same domain added another user.
NT told my that the password was missing and would not let me log in as the new user
or the user I used on the NT 2000 box which did let me in.

Very strange.

All the while the SAMBA dom was serving up the network places for its domain no

Any idea's to try???????????????

How do you add people to the Administrators ... since it is set to -1 instead of a
unix group uid?
I in dire need of a samba dom that does group authenication in this situation.
I don't want to have to buy yet another M$ license...... help!

Keep up the good work.

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