Problem with ads_cached_connection?

Ken Cross kcross at
Wed Aug 27 14:21:28 GMT 2003


The nsswitch/winbindd_ads.c module uses "ads_cached_connection" to maintain
an open connection to an LDAP server.  I have found at least one instance
where that isn't working too well.

When viewing the sequence number with wbinfo --sequence, I noticed that
servers would periodically show up "DISCONNECTED", then later (usually)
they'd be OK.  The problem seems to be in using the cached connection.  The
call to ads_USN in the sequence_number routine was returning "Can't contact
LDAP server".

I added a retry in the sequence_number function (blowing away the cached
connection) and the retry always seems to succeed.

I'm speculating here, but is it really valid to leave a connection open
indefinitely?  There can be long intervals between updating sequence

Also, if the sequence_number routine fails at times, could other routines
using ads_cached_connection (11 of them) be having problems occasionally?
If so, a more general solution needs to be considered.


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