SAM (idmap?) and passdb, and unrelated winpopup question

Tom Alsberg alsbergt at
Sat Aug 23 00:13:53 GMT 2003

Hi there.

While checking out some of the workings of Samba, I stumbled on a
question.  Why are there both a sam directory and a passdb directory
in the source tree (why are there two subsystems)?  Having read a bit
about SAM (including Andrew's recent slide at sambaxp about SAM/idmap)
it seems to me it is the same idea as passdb - both are about
providing information (such as names, SIDs, privileges, policies,
etc.)  about accounts, groups, and other objects...  What is the
fundamental difference?

Also, an unrelated question - having checked out smbclient's -M
parameter which instructs it to send a WinPopup message to a computer,
I wonder if there is a way to send the message to only one user or
group on the workstation instead of sending it as a global system
message (I know older systems like Windows for Workgroups and Windows
95-Me only supported global system messages, but Windows NT, 2000, XP,
and the likes support it properly)...  Not being exactly sure how
WinPopup works in general, I would be also happy to be enlightened on
what I'm missing.

  Thank you,
  -- Tom

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