Virus Alert

auto-filter at auto-filter at
Fri Aug 22 03:58:41 GMT 2003

An attachment called (WORM_SOBIG.F) in an email that appears
to have been sent from your email address to (arrowcomp at
contained the virus (WORM_SOBIG.F), which has been deleted.

If you do not believe you were the actual sender, the Klez virus is
likely to be the culprit. The Klez virus works by forging the 'From'
address inside the virus infected email, which means you can receive a
virus alert from Xtra even if you are not necessarily the actual sender.

Information on Xtra's anti-virus email filter:

More on the Klez virus:,,6156-1347943,00.html

Help with filtering anti-virus email alerts from Xtra:,,6156-1656774,00.html

Help with removing a virus from your computer:,,4128-544089,00.html

If you have any other questions, please forward this email along with
your enquiry to anti-virus at

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