Thank you for your interest in Exult

"Exult Corporate US" at "Exult Corporate US" at
Thu Aug 21 13:05:13 GMT 2003

Thank you for your interest in Exult and/or its subsidiary, Gunn Partners.
Unfortunately, we are unable to proceed with your inquiry as the
information you provided is incomplete.  Below, we have listed the
potential reasons we may have had a problem processing your submission.
Please take a moment to review and make the appropriate correction and
resubmit your information to us.

Please note that this email address is for resume submission only.
Additionally, we do not accept resumes from non approved agencies.


Exult/Gunn Partners Recruiting Delivery Team

-         Candidate name missing from resume

-         No method of contact (aside from email) provided for candidate

-         No resume included with cover letter

      -     Resume from a non approved agency

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